Hot Hatchback of the Year – Ford Fiesta ST

6 Aug 2019

When the new Ford Fiesta ST was crowned Hot Hatchback of the Year at the Irish Car of the Year awards 2019, in association with Continental Tyres, it felt right for many reasons.

Not least because this is a car that just feels right. In one of the most competitive segments of all – going toe to toe with the VW Polo GTI, Renault Megane RS, Hyundai i30N and Suzuki Swift Sport – the Fiesta ST is the undisputed winner.

The Ford Fiesta ST is available with three selectable drive modes – Normal, Sport and Track – as well as an array of driver assist technology including Lane-Keeping System and safety features such as Electronic Stability Control.

But what sets the fleet-footed Ford apart?

“The Fiesta ST manages to be everything to everybody,” marvels Bob Flavin of the Irish Car of the Year jury. “It can take you down to the shops but if you want to set a fast lap time on the way, it can do that too.”

“It’s versatile with a brilliant gear change and just feels right from the outset,” says fellow jury member Mark Gallivan. “Most of all though, it’s tremendous fun to drive and that’s what ticked the box for all jurors. It’s a knockout win for Ford.”

Watch Bob and Mark pay homage to the fun that is the new Ford Fiesta ST in our latest video review right here.