High and mighty: why Volkswagen’s terrific T-Cross is our Compact SUV of the Year

High and mighty: why Volkswagen’s terrific T-Cross is our Compact SUV of the Year

Even before the Volkswagen T-Cross sped away with the Irish Compact SUV of the Year award, it was clear that VW had another winner on its hands.

For starters, this is exactly the sort of car that Irish buyers are clamouring for right now. An SUV that’s not quite a full SUV but a shorter, taller version that’s perfectly suited to the city streets and packed with practical touches. As the Continental Tyres Irish Car of the Year jury noted, the T-Cross ticks just about every box.

So, let’s take a closer look at this eye-catching new compact SUV. In our latest video blog, we got ICOTY jury members Caroline Kidd and Tony Toner to walk us around the funky new VW T-Cross and tell us what wowed the judges – here’s what they had to say.

High seating position

“First and foremost, the VW T-Cross is a very practical vehicle,” says Caroline. “It offers drivers that high seating position that’s really popular right now and there’s loads of adjustment possible, so every driver can get comfortable. You can raise the seat up and lower it down, and the steering wheel moves for reach and rake.

“The T-Cross may be compact but the space inside the vehicle is used very well,” she adds, warming to the task. “For example, the boot offers more than 380 litres and you can expand the storage space by moving the rear seats forward.”

“The VW T-Cross is a compact SUV and by compact we refer to its length, which is just over 4 metres,” says Tony. “This is an ideal car for the urban environment, perfect for someone who’s maybe getting out of a hatchback and wanting something a bit more elevated, something that has lots of versatility and practicality inside.

“The compact SUV segment is very popular in Ireland right now and it’s growing all the time,” he continues. “The six-speed automatic version is a really practical car for getting around the city and it’s very popular with buyers.”


Out on the road, Tony explains why the new VW is such a driver-friendly model, taking as it does many of its fixtures from the popular Polo.

“Inside the T-Cross is a very comfortable place to be,” he says. “It’s ultra-modern and the driver console is very clear, giving you all the information you want as well as giving you access to the comfort and entertainment features. You just need to plug in your Android or Apple phone and you’ve instant access to all the features on your smartphone, and of course it’s hands-free.

“Safety is a major feature of the T-Cross,” Tony continues. “It has a Euro 5-star NCAP rating, carries a full complement of airbags and has numerous safety features.

“Standard equipment is very good and the fit and finish is definitely on the premium side,” he says. “It’s nice and tactile with a lovely leather steering wheel. It feels very secure to drive, the steering is good, feedback is good, and the driver vision is excellent. People will find this car good company on the road.

“In the compact SUV class, the T-Cross ticks all the boxes in terms of quality, space, versatility and the everyday practicality,” he says. A unanimous verdict!